SLV Showroom

This modern interior represents a unique blend of exhibition and workspace. Two platforms stand out as the main thematic elements in the organization of the space, effectively highlighting the activities of a company specializing in lighting and innovative lighting solutions. By juxtaposing the exhibition space with the working space and the public area with the private, a high degree of practicality has been achieved. The space is further enriched by a background area encompassing restrooms and a kitchen, providing employees with comfort and functionality.

Materials such as wood, ceramics, concrete, and steel dominate the interior, creating a harmonious fusion of contemporary aesthetics and functionality. Openness is a key characteristic of the space, and the careful selection of elements and the design of ambient zones within the platforms contribute to the creation of a dynamic environment that is not overloaded with unnecessary exhibits.

You can read more about the project here.

Ambiance authors: A4 Studio

Photography by Relja Ivanić

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