Tidy, safe connection

To ensure a tidy work environment, the choice of cable length is just as important as the choice of device itself.

The cables that power the unit are 3-core 1.5 mm, most often 25-40 cm in length, with a GST18 (Wieland) connector, which means that the length of the cable can always be chosen independently of the type and configuration of the device. This is what we recommend for larger-scale projects.

If you have other requirements we can also deliver units without a connector or with prongs for a specific power standard, which is the default configuration for retail customers.

Units primarily intended for use in kitchens are fitted with cables with separate prongs which are connected as required after installation.


Cable HO5VV – F 3×1.5 mm
EPN 1104/EPN 1114 (Wieland m/f) – 400 mm





Why a GST18 (Wieland) connector?

The GST18 connectors have a number of advantages:

  • Smaller size, fitting more easily into furniture,
  • Daisy-chaining devices is easier and cheaper,
  • It is easy to add new sockets – UnderDeskExtraPower,
  • Cable length can be chosen later on, which reduces lead times and the total costs of projects,
  • Flexibility as compared to an integrated cable: if you subsequently decide you need a different cable length you do not have to replace the whole device, just the cable – or add a new one,
  • Male and female connectors have a safety lock system so if they are pulled sharply they will not disconnect and cut off power.

The right choice

  • If you know what length of cable you need in advance, we recommend opting for a unit with integrated cable since this reduces the overall costs of the project,
  • Standard cable lengths are 2 m, 3 m and 5 m, but we can also provide cables of other lengths by special order.
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