Could be anywhere

We are connected to our offices by the people we work with and the devices we use. If we are to do our job properly we can probably manage without the people, but we always need our devices close at hand.

Office spaces are getting more and more comfortable, more and more similar to our home and other living environments. They include desks, chairs, armchairs and sofas, and all kinds of spaces in which teams exchange ideas, where we do our everyday job, where we make phone calls or where we can silently focus on creativity.

The growing number of electrical devices – the tools that are essential to or at least connected with our trade – have brought with them a growing number of cables, and the need for additional sockets, too. You can never have too many plug sockets – but the same cannot be said of cables, which there always seems to be an excess of.

The aim is to hide cables away from sight and protect them from dust, whilst keeping sockets close to hand.

Our mission is to make life easier for our partners in the office furniture industry, especially office furniture distributors and installers, at least when it comes to the electrical supply aspect.

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