Single office

For the busiest people

Time is money, we know that, but we are also beginning to realise that the cost of time is going up: that more kilometres, clicks, messages, questions and answers and content sent and received are having to fit into the same space of time. Time seems to contract and expand depending on the amount of content packed into it. Managers are people who oversee the use of time.

The time of people working in single offices is usually even more costly. They are usually the ones responsible for the company’s bottom line, taking and implementing important decisions, and it is they who never seem to have enough time.

These are factors that need to be taken into consideration when planning furniture, equipment or other facilities for them.
These people tend to compress time and energy into smaller units and take part in a multitude of direct, live, telephone, video and other types of meeting. They are often very focused, tense, stressed and under pressure, but we all depend on them doing their job effectively and so it is important that we all help them maintain their level of enthusiasm and motivation.

Even though these office spaces are intended for a single person to work in, they are also a hub in which a huge amount of energy is emitted, redirected and exchanged. And how power reaches gets there and how it is transferred onwards, matters.

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