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The electrical devices we use on a regular basis are proliferating.

In addition to communication devices we have a plethora of gadgets and small kitchen appliances that we use to make tasks easier or for entertainment.

In fact, they are overwhelming us, and we are always looking for that extra plug socket so we can use them all comfortably and effectively.


The kitchen is a place where good energy is set in motion, generated and exchanged. It is a place where we charge our batteries for the day ahead over our first morning coffee or cup of tea.

Whether we are throwing together a quick snack, or we are fully invested in culinary creativity, our energy, the energy of the space and the ingredients of the meal or beverage we are making come together to create a single source that we then share with others.

Both during the holidays when everyone is together again, or on those quite ordinary days, the magic of deep connection happens in the kitchen, a sharing of the moment with our loved ones – times when lifelong memories are created. Sometimes true masterpieces come about in the kitchen – flavours, aromas, colours and textures that take over all our senses and deeply impress themselves in our memory.

The kitchen is an art studio, in which everyone wants to make their own, unique contribution. But more cooks means more appliances, and multiple connected devices need more plug sockets.

A place to rest

For many of us the ideal time and place to recharge our device batteries is also the time and place where we can recharge our own personal batteries and reset our bodies once a day.

Everyone needs a place to rest, their own corner. This can be any room in the house, or outside it, which we use to unwind after a stressful day, leaf through the newspapers, read a book, do our shopping or watch a film.

In these spaces too we need to have nearby plug sockets to recharge our mobile devices.

Home office

The home office is a part of the house which we have equipped for extended periods of work in a way that takes our health into consideration but also meets the needs of the devices and equipment we use to do our job.

Classrooms and work rooms

Both classrooms and the spaces children use to continue their school work at home also involve the use of computers and smartphones.

Once upon a time, children’s desks were buried in course books, notebooks and reading assignments. Now they are home to the multitude of devices children use in learning – tablets, smart boards, laptops and other electronic devices. So a desk, chair and shelves are not enough today, we also need to provide plug sockets.

Bedrooms and rest rooms

Just as there are places for spending time with others and charging our social batteries, so there are also places where we want to be alone, to rest and recharge our physical batteries for the following day.

People need between six and nine hours of sleep, but the quality of our rest time is even more important. That is why we need to have a space that can, at least briefly, isolate us from the rapid pace of life and provide us with the peace and quiet our minds and bodies need.

We use devices such as laptops, tablets and phones when we are relaxing, too, whether to listen to music, watch films or read books. That is why in addition to calming surroundings we need to make sure we have enough plug sockets in order to connect and charge all of these devices. But we don’t want them in places where they disturb our peace, only where it suits us to have them.

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