Sockets within reach

The growing number of devices we use means we need more and more places to plug them in, too. Instead of looking for free sockets every time, the sockets should be located closer to us, whilst at the same time blending seamlessly – but also safely – into our interior.
We want to make using our devices easier and safer, and our environment tidier, bringing power to within arm’s reach.
It’s a lot easier than you think – choose the number and types of plug sockets you need and install them yourself.


Where you can use our products

Desk, chair, plug socket

Your job and your place of work are today no longer necessarily synonymous. You can work from home, whilst travelling, from a hotel, from a café, a co-working space – anywhere that suits you and where you have the basic necessities.

Just like home

Technology is making life more convenient, but one of the side-effects is the ever-increasing number of devices we use. We always seem to be short of plug sockets, not just in the kitchen where we prepare food and drinks, but also in our home office, children’s room, living room and bedroom.



PopUpTri is here

Designing a kitchen is indeed a demanding task. Even when we think we’ve anticipated everything, an unpleasant surprise…


If you have any questions, requests, praise, criticisms or suggestions, get in touch with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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