Cable carrier

The best place to stow cables in the office is fixed right up against the underside of the desk.

Carry, with its aluminium DIN rail and the plastic sprung cable clips that click onto it, allows just that.

The plastic clips can also be mounted without the rail, by screwing them into the underside of the desk, but the rail ensures straight-line routing and also allows for socket strips such as the UnderDesk unit to be mounted on it.


- all cables are under the desktop
- tidy work surface
- available in two lengths (49 cm and 74 cm)





UnderDesk with Carry

Too many cables, and too few sockets – a common workplace problem.

One of the first tasks in setting up an office space is managing cables and ensuring that there are enough plug sockets for the devices currently being used, and for those that are yet to come.

Making sure that they can easily be plugged in and unplugged without disturbing other devices and their users. Making sure that cables aren’t lying around in the dust or underfoot, endangering both our devices and the people using them in the workplace.

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