Two-in-one – sockets both under and on top of the desk

Kompakt was the first product we developed and, inexperienced as we were, we set our sights very high.

Provides you with all the sockets you need for devices that are always plugged in, but keeps all their cables under the desk.

The same device also provides sockets on the top side of the desk for plugging in mobile devices. These sockets are tilted slightly towards the user and inset a little.

Kompakt has an integrated GST18 connector for ease of installation and packing. It can be installed from the underside or from the top of the desk, and has a lid which protects the upper sockets from environmental factors when not in use.



100-250 V max


16 А max


50-60 Hz

number of modules



0 – 40°C


0 – 95 %


IP 42

power cable / connector

Cable HO5VV – F 3×1.5 mm
EPN 1104/EPN 1114 (Wieland m/f) – 400 mm


Our suggestions

USB 3.0

keystone F/F


CAT 6 keystone F/F


keystone F/F


keystone F/F


keystone F/F


keystone F/F


keystone F/F
on request

Connector types: B (USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan), C (Europe, South America and Asia), D (India), E (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland and Czech Republic), F (Europe and Russia – excluding UK and Ireland), G (UK, Ireland, Singapore), I (Australia, New Zealand, China and Argentina), J (Switzerland and Liechtenstein), K (Denmark and Greenland), L (Italy and Chile), M (South Africa), N (Brazil), Universal socket, Red socket – indicating backup power, Green socket – indicating power delivered via voltage stabiliser.

USB charger, 5V, 2.4A, 2 ports.



A unique product in the market

The process of developing the Kompakt was, creatively speaking, a very valuable time for us in which we learned a great deal about our customers and spent a lot of time thinking and dreaming. We were happy with the end result because it was clear that there was no product like it in the market. Soon after, we filed a patent application and enthusiastically waited for sales to go through the roof, but it never happened.

However, the more technically and commercially inclined members of our team, during the design of the Kompakt unit, added a requirement that another type of unit could be assembled from the same aluminium and plastic elements but with power sockets only on the top.

Thus instead of one, two products were born – two product families in fact: Kompakt and KompaktS.

Kompakt vs. KompaktS

Kompakt and KompaktS at first glance, from the top of the desk, looked the same. The difference, however, was on the underside. KompaktS was significantly thinner, more intuitive and easier to explain to customers as it was similar to existing products. This was the turning point.

Customers quickly took to KompaktS, and the resulting revenue meant we could invest in further R&D. The Kompakt unit even today resonates only with those customers who are ready to take the time to appreciate its benefits.

The innovation that went into developing the Kompakt yielded returns by way of KompaktS, and in the broader sense via all the other products which were derived from the same basic idea.

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