Simply ideal

UnderDesk can be used as a robust extension cable anywhere you like – free-trailing, in a bay under a shutter in the desk or attached to any surface with screws.

UnderDesk provides additional plug sockets, safely distributing power to multiple smaller devices whilst removing cables from your field of view, and especially from the floor. Can be used independently or installed in combination with Carry.

The unit can vary in size from 2 to 10 modules and comprise all types of socket, fast chargers and connectors – create your own combination to fit your needs.

UnderDesk is made of aluminium, with chunky end-caps, with or without a switch and overvoltage protection, fully TUF and AAA-certified. The maximum power rating of 3.6 kW can on request be boosted to 5.5 kW, which makes UnderDesk the most powerful device of its kind on the market.



100-250 V max


16 А max


50-60 Hz

number of modules



0 – 40°C


0 – 95 %


IP 30

power cable / connector

Cable HO5VV – F 3×1.5 mm
EPN 1104/EPN 1114 (Wieland m/f) – 400 mm


Our suggestions

USB 3.0

keystone F/F


CAT 6 keystone F/F


keystone F/F


keystone F/F


keystone F/F


keystone F/F


keystone F/F
on request

Connector types: B (USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan), C (Europe, South America and Asia), D (India), E (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland and Czech Republic), F (Europe and Russia – excluding UK and Ireland), G (UK, Ireland, Singapore), I (Australia, New Zealand, China and Argentina), J (Switzerland and Liechtenstein), K (Denmark and Greenland), L (Italy and Chile), M (South Africa), N (Brazil), Universal socket, Red socket – indicating backup power, Green socket – indicating power delivered via voltage stabiliser.

USB charger, 5V, 2.4A, 2 ports.



The most useful unit of all

UnderDesk does its job underneath the desk, like a T-shirt under a shirt. All of the cabling should be hidden and protected whilst the power is delivered unhindered to all your devices. Fits in anywhere – on the desk top, on the supports, or on a cross-brace. UnderDesk can be combined with any other unit that delivers power to the surface of the desk. Paired with DeskUp it can comprise a single unit mounted on a shared bracket, DeskUpDouble. It can also be combined with a Slim, a Source, and especially a Wings unit, the latter by itself consisting only of an attractive shutter mechanism, but combined with UnderDesk forming a beautiful and powerful unit that can serve multiple users.

The ultimate combination - UnderDesk and Carry

UnderDesk was specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Carry – the latter a product that keeps cables flush with the underside of the desk – with brackets that fit onto a DIN rail. The end goal is to gather together all the cables, get them out of sight and facilitate easy connection.

An elegant and very powerful unit

With rounded edges on the plastic parts that are pleasing to the eye and to the touch, and an aluminium body that can firmly seat even a large number of sockets, it exudes robustness and even when free-trailing adds an attractive note anywhere in the room. Combinations of black and white coloured plastic with anodised, black or white aluminium give you multiple options when matching with furniture and interior décor.

The maximum power rating of 3.6 kW can by special request, using internal 3 core 2.5 mm wiring, be boosted up to 5.5 kW, which makes this the most powerful device of its kind on the market, able to power multiple, high-wattage appliances.

Features of UnderDesk

  • high degree of modularity – install from 2 to as many as 10 modules, with any of the available types of socket, fast charger, connector, switch and overvoltage protection;
  • redundant or dual supply, with red sockets providing backup power from a generator, or green ones indicating power delivered via voltage stabiliser;
    pass-through power supply, for when you daisy-chain multiple devices;
  • pass-through and redundant power supply in the same unit – two cables in and two cables out;
  • intended for higher-wattage appliances (optional 3 core / 2.5 mm internal wiring);
  • allows for greater flexibility when designing and arranging furniture;
  • can be supplied with an integrated cable of the required length like any other device, or with an integrated Wieland GST18;
  • the standard device has an integrated Wieland GST18 at both ends, which means you can easily daisy-chain them;
  • tested and TUF and AAA-certified for safe use in the office environment and others.
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