– since 1996 –


Digitel was founded in 1996 from the desire to articulate the creative energy of its founders in a way that ensures a long term competitive advantage to its customers, providing employees and collaborators with professional development of their creative potentials, the owners with the realisation of their personal and family goals, the company with steady growth and a positive impact on the environment.

From the beginning, our field of operation related to the telecommunication sector. The production of connector elements has, over time, expanded to the development of junction boxes for external installations, under the slogan – advanced technical solutions. A number of solutions have been protected with patents.

In 2010, our innovation encountered fertile ground in the development and production of boxes which provide the user with power supply and communications “within easy reach”. With this new slogan, we are expanding towards a larger number of customers and different markets. As the rapid development of communications affects all areas of life and business, Digitel is securing its position in the field of the development of micro-infrastructure of power supply and communications in workplaces, with a focus on the requirements of our partners in the furniture industry.

In 2015, we were awarded the ISO certification and, in 2016, verification was obtained, confirming that the ISO standard had been successfully implemented and advanced.

Our products have been successfully installed in Tetrapak, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Merck, Telekom, etc. both in neighbouring countries and in countries of the European Union and the Middle East.

It takes 20 years to achieve lightning success.

Our team

Dejan Savić

General Manager
Phone: +381 (0) 32 55 78 000
Mobile: +381 (0) 69 55 78 000

Miroslav Tripković

Owner and Development
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Mobile: +381 (0) 69 55 78 006,

Dijana Vujović

Production Manager
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Mobile: +381 (0) 69 55 78 001

Vladimir Petrović

Sales Manager
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Mobile: +381 (0) 69 55 78 808

Marija Simović

Sales Manager
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Mobile: +381 (0) 64 15 43 985

Aleksandar Urošević

Sales Manager
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Jelena Jovanović

Sales Manager
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Sonja Radulović

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We have a resolute intention to strengthen our position as regional leaders and to be recognised in the European market for our advanced technical, design and ergonomic solutions for interior-based power and network connectivity (connecting to the power supply and data network within easy reach).


In the field of development, production and sales of power and data junction boxes, our mission is to deliver added value and to provide:  users with simple access to sockets – within easy reach,  customers with an opportunity to gain and maintain a competitive advantage, employees and collaborators with professional development of their creative potential, owners the realisation of personal and family goals,  the company with steady growth, a positive impact on the environment.

DIGITEL Values statament

  1. All of our activities are focused on the customers’ requirements. By implementing the principles of modularity and customisation, we continuously strive to deliver added value to customers.
  2. The highest level of quality is the benchmark we aspire to by continually improving process performance and raising the criteria for the assessment of the quality of our products and services, whilst also delivering constant cost reductions.
  3. Innovation in business is not only limited to the continual research and development of new and the improvement of existing products, but is applied to all processes.
  4. The commitment, creativity and specific competences of our employees and collaborators provide an essential contribution to the realisation of our business objectives.
  5. A corporate culture based on trust and respect, primarily among employees but also in the relationships with suppliers, customers and the wider community, brings an immeasurable quality to our lives and makes our daily work pleasurable.

Let`s Work Together