Plug sockets

Where the story begins

The source of electrical power is usually a long way from the consumer. Various power transmission systems are used to get power to the building, where distribution cabinets then sub-distribute it to the rooms in which appliances are located. Here the cables are terminated.

Terminating power cables using a plug socket is done so that they can safely and easily be connected to. The type of termination is a matter of convention, but it is always defined through electrical regulations and standards, which often differ by country.

Originally, power sockets were solely installed in walls, but today they have moved much closer to us.



100-250 V max

schuko type F

16 А, 220-240 V

type E, France

16 А, 220-240 V

type J, Switzerland

10 А, 220-240 V

type K, Denmark

16 А, 220-240 V

type B, usa

15 A, 100-127 V

type G, uk

13 A, 220-240 V


16 A, 220-240 V

type B, usa

10 and 16 A, 220-240 V


usb a+a CHARGERS


usb a+c CHARGERS


power cable / connector

Cable HO5VV – F 3×1.5 mm
EPN 1104/EPN 1114 (Wieland m/f) – 400 mm





Socket, cable, prongs, plug

Electrical devices are usually supplied with a cable with a pronged plug on the other end.
It’s purpose is to connect the cable from the device with the power supply in order to power the device.

In the past power sockets could only be found in walls and we had to get physically closer to them in order to access the power supply, which meant extending cables to the point at which we wish to use the device. Today we situate plug sockets wherever it suits us, and conceal cables in furniture. GST18 helps us a great deal with this.

We can supply cables in the length and colour and with the prong type you wish.

Red and green sockets

Electrical power from low-voltage networks can be further made suitable for attaching to sensitive devices via a voltage stabiliser in order to provide electricity that is subject to lower variation.

Sockets designated for use with this type of supply are usually indicated in green. Red is used to indicate power sockets which provide a continued supply even when there is a power failure as they are connected to a back-up power supply such as a generator, which comes online as soon as there is an interruption to the low-voltage network and maintains uninterrupted supply to important appliances.

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