When you want it all

Press the lid to raise it, plug in, and then easily close it again. It sounds simple because it is. The concept behind it is that sockets will always be situated under the desk and the cover closed whether the unit is in use or not.

Not only are the sockets situated under the desk together with the cables, but they only appear when they are needed.

Ideal for office and conference room desks, but also for wall-mounted kitchen units.

FlipUp is a device that stows its plug sockets under the desk both when in use and when not in use – only when you need to plug in are they flipped up to the top of the desk.



100-250 V max


16 А max


50-60 Hz

number of modules



0 – 40°C


0 – 95 %


IP 42

power cable / connector

Cable HO5VV – F 3×1.5 mm EPN 1104/EPN 1114 (Wieland m/f) – 400 mm


Our suggestions

USB 3.0

keystone F/F


CAT 6 keystone F/F


keystone F/F


keystone F/F


keystone F/F


keystone F/F


keystone F/F
on request

Connector types: B (USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan), C (Europe, South America and Asia), D (India), E (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland and Czech Republic), F (Europe and Russia – excluding UK and Ireland), G (UK, Ireland, Singapore), I (Australia, New Zealand, China and Argentina), J (Switzerland and Liechtenstein), K (Denmark and Greenland), L (Italy and Chile), M (South Africa), N (Brazil), Universal socket, Red socket – indicating backup power, Green socket – indicating power delivered via voltage stabiliser.

USB charger, 5V, 2.4A, 2 ports.




The lid is covered with stainless steel, with a fine texture that practically begs to be touched.

Sockets are accessed with a light press to release the lid, which then tips up by itself and the sockets fully emerge facing you. Even better, when you press the lid down again everything returns to where it was. What makes FlipUp special is that it can be closed even when devices are plugged in thanks to the space provided for cables to pass through.

Design that matches your décor

In addition to black, white and the natural colour of brushed stainless steel, FlipUp can be supplied in any colour to match your interior décor, your corporate colours or any other colour you want to emphasise.

You can choose the colour, the size and the contents (plug sockets, fast chargers and connectors) that suit you, with between 3 and 7 modules.

We want to make the workday more enjoyable for as many people as possible, and that’s why we’ve introduced an additional FlipUp model. Now in addition to the standard FlipUpPUSH model, where a light press of the lid reveals the sockets, we now offer the FlipUpPULL series, for people to whom elegance of sound is more important than elegance of movement so there is no perceptible click.

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