Lounge and resting

Some things deserve 100% of our energy

What for some people is work, for others is fun – and vice-versa. But making work just a little bit fun makes things easier for everyone.

Our work time and rest time have become intertwined. Even when we are resting, the business communication doesn’t stop. Most of us have a place in our homes where we go through our emails and answer the most urgent ones, where we try to write a few notes, articulate ideas that have just come to us and share them with others. But at work, too, we need a corner in which to take brief respite from the pressure, to unwind while we look through messages from people close to us.

The more creative the job, and the more people are involved, the harder it gets to separate our work time from our leisure time. Jobs like that demand our full and constant involvement, all day, every day. That is why creative people are always working and always relaxing, because they are having fun when they are working, and when they are at work they are relaxing.

But there is an even better place to be. When we love the job we do then there is no sense of a work day, we are fully immersed in what we do. Our job is deeply rooted in who we are and we become what we do, whether poet, designer or salesperson – and others see us that way too.

Unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to do a job they love, or to love their job, and so we need to create environments in which they will at least feel good while they are doing their work – and then maybe they will come to love it.

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