AS Studioton

The primary challenge in this project was to create an acoustically efficient music studio that seamlessly integrates different materials and elements. The emphasis was on achieving a harmonious blend of elements, textures, and colors to establish a comfortable, serene, and dimly lit environment. The focal point, an accordion room divider, serves as a connecting element between various areas and the project’s leader, accordionist A.S., fostering a link with the creative space. Additionally, this divider shapes the walls of the control room, fostering a visually cohesive atmosphere.

Vertical partitioning of walls is pivotal in the space, functioning not only as a technical and acoustic necessity but also as a vital design detail. Extending beyond the main sound control room, this partitioning encompasses the entire studio space, emerging as a central aspect of the overall design. It holds a significant presence in both the small and large soundproof rooms, unifying them into a cohesive whole.

Complementing the vertical partitions, the space features other essential elements derived from diverse material textures, color contrasts, and innovative use of glass surfaces. This comprehensive design approach injects dynamism into the space, enhancing its aesthetics, all while ensuring a high level of functionality.

You can read more about the project here.

Ambiance authors: a2arhitektura

Photography by Relja Ivanić

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