Modularity of our devices allows the placement of different power modules (Charger, Schuko, GB, Danish, French, Swiss or USA) and various communication modules (RJ45, USB, USB hub, HDMI, VGA, audio 3.5mm, XLR, display port, etc.). Power modules are required to be factory-fitted in the housing, while with other modules this can be done by the distributor or even the customers themselves.

Surge Protection

On/Of switch

Schuko type F: 16A; 220 – 240 V

Schuko type E, French: 16A; 220 – 240 V

Danish type K: 16A; 220 – 240 V

Multistandard: 16A; 220 – 240 V

UK type G: 13A ; 220 – 240 V

Swiss type J: 10A; 220 – 240V

Italy type L:  10A and 16A; 220 – 240 V

USA type B: 15A; 100 – 127 V

USB A+C charger 20W

USB A+A charger 12W