A Close Look at the 59th International Furniture Fair in Belgrade

This year’s Furniture Fair in Belgrade, traditionally scheduled for November, took a turn by moving to October. It coincided with the International Fair of Machinery and Tools for the Wood Industry.

Despite the scheduling changes, the fair successfully brought together over 120 exhibitors from both domestic and international markets. This provided visitors with an opportunity to explore a wide range of top-quality products and designs. Consequently, the combination of these two events created an intriguing blend between the world of furniture and the wood industry.

Visitors had the chance to witness high-quality and functional products. These were categorized into various segments for furnishing and decorating interiors, exteriors, and structures of different purposes. Furthermore, the Furniture Fair attracted both local and foreign exhibitors, featuring renowned furniture manufacturers, designers, distributors, and other industry experts. The array featured furniture for various spaces, including residential, office, children’s, garden, kitchen, bedroom, and diverse sets. Moreover, different styles, ranging from modern to classic and minimalistic to rustic, presented an inspiring diversity that captured attention.

A spacious exhibit booth showcasing various items.

Furniture Fair: Meeting Point for Global Trends

The fair showcased domestic brands such as Vitorog, Simpa, Emmezeta, Melani Sofa, MobelS, Catra Home, Rast Furniture, Garda, and Ambos Furniture. Additionally, the fair featured international participants like Mobello (BiH), Nunc (Croatia), Mebel Jumis Design (North Macedonia), and Janpol (Poland). This provided visitors with a broad selection of top-notch products and ideas.

Decline in the Fair's Popularity

Unfortunately, despite the diverse offerings and exhibitors, our impression is that the Furniture Fair has lost some of its previous dynamism. Following a period of recovery, it faced the pandemic and global conflicts, resulting in a significant decline in both visitors and exhibitors. Consequently, this edition of the fair appeared to be the weakest in its 59-year history. Halls that were once the epicenter of furniture now appeared almost vacant. Notably, it seems that the entire fair’s offerings could easily fit into just two halls. There is also a noticeable absence of individual furniture manufacturers and providers of other interior elements.

A white wall with a large sign in front, showcasing a spacious exhibit.

On a positive note, the atmosphere during the fair was excellent. Organizers made efforts to create a pleasant environment for both exhibitors and visitors. Furthermore, they provided a solid platform for business meetings and networking.

Exceeding Expectations Despite Challenges

Despite this year’s edition potentially having fewer visitors, our participation was highly satisfying. This provided an opportunity to establish quality contacts, exchange novelties, and lay the foundation for future collaborations in the dynamic world of furniture.

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