Simple installation is one of the important factors for chosing the adequate Furniture Power-Data-Panel for a certain project.

Iris, Source and Pop Up belong to the family of devices that fit in a standard round opening of θ80mm (fi sign), which is the easiest to drill for any installer, in any surface, like desks and kitchen counters and cabinets.

They use less space and save precious time, while keeping Digitel‘s recognizable design.



Source Cover

Pop Up


The widest range of Digitel‘s Furniture Power-Data-Panels belongs to the family of devices that are installed in rectangle openings. They are developed for wide range of uses and surroundings like executive and open space offices, meeting and conference rooms, schools and universities and more. Flip Up, Frame, Kompakt, Kompakt S, Conference are quickly and easily mounted with only very basic tools in executive and office desks, meeting and conference tables and other surfaces

Sometimes projects require instalation of Furniture Power-Data-Panels in a way that desk surface isn‘t damaged, cut or drilled. This is why we have developed Desk Up device series. Also, this type of devices is a good solution for open space offices equipped with desks with screens. Desk Up is easily mounted with very basic tools, in a matter of seconds.