The world we live in is made up of the connections and relationships we establish with the environment and the people who are close to us. The business success of an individual or a company, as well as the quality and richness of life, most closely relate to our ability to establish and maintain communication with customers, partners and friends. Communication occupies a place right alongside breathing, food and clothing. Communication devices, mobile ones in particular, are becoming an inseparable part of man’s being. This fact should not be overlooked when designing a work, residential or any other space for modern man.

The workplace is being transformed from the physical world into an e-place and can be located wherever a point of access exists: in areas equipped to accommodate meetings, joint creative or individual contemplative work, training, b2b meetings, sending and receiving mails, video conferences, informal meetings, but also at home, in airports, hotels and all other places between work and home. All spaces are adapting to our need for constant communication.

To work is to communicate. To socialise and love is to communicate. To live is to communicate.