Give new wings to your business.

Meetings are often exhausting, sometimes time consuming. We often need extra energy to present our idea or a different point of view to others. And sometimes we just need a little extra energy to recharge the battery of a mobile phone, laptop, or share the screen with others. The solution often lies below the surface. Wings design makes it very easy and quick to access.

In the tub of the device under the rosette that comes in standard or premium version, sockets can be installed to power the devices of all present at the meeting or connect them to other devices in the room to exchange information, projectors, TV or other screens or computers. As always, you choose the color, number and type of sockets.

Designed with a swing type lid, as a solution for tables that require access to power and data from both sides.

  • Voltage: 100-250 V
  • Current: 16 А
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Temperature: 0 – 40°C
  • Relative humidity: 0 – 95 % (no condensing)
  • Protection: IP 20
  • Power cable / connector: Cable HO5VV – F 3×1,5 mm2 with power connectors M/F (wieland)

USB 3.0
keystone F/F
CAT 6 keystone F/F
keystone F/F
panel mount F/F
panel mount F/F
panel mount F/F

By request: CH, DM, USA, FR, IT, GB – Multistandard
power socket, Red – Power supply from
the aggregate, Green – Power supply from BACK UPS,
USBCharger2, 5V, 4A, 2 ports.

There is a possibility of making a device that will
be used for redundant power supply (red and
green socket) or switch.


About product

Accessible from both sides of the table • With lid lowered to desk level when in use • Device profile above the desk is less than 1.5mm • Protecting brushes prevent dust infiltration • Comes in three lengths, three colours, and three depths • Able to surprise with a large number of sockets and exchangeable communication modules

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