In limited space, Kompakt provides the required number of power and data sockets for mobile devices on the upper side and twice as many power sockets for stationary devices on the lower side of the work surface. With the lid lowered, the profile height is less than 1.5mm above the desk, making Kompakt almost completely adjusted into the work surface. Kompakt maintains order and tidiness in the workspace with the help of a wire mesh cable tray (page 62) in which all the supply cables are housed, thus keeping them off the floor, out of sight and safe from unpredicted contact and dust.

Provides easy access to a multitude of connections above and below the desk. Below the desk sockets provide a convenient power source for lamps, monitors, computers and other stationary devices.

  • Voltage: 100-250 V max
  • Current: 16 А max
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Temperature: 0 – 40°C
  • Relative humidity: 0 – 95 % (no condensing)
  • Protection: IP 20
  • Power connector: Integrated EPC 0104

USB 3.0
panel mount, F/F, cable 25mm
RЈ45 CAT 6
keystone, F/F, Unshielded/ Shielded
panel mount, F/F, cable 25mm
panel mount, F/F, cable 25mm
panel mount, F/F
panel mount, F/F

By request: CH, DM, USA, FR, IT, – Multistandard power
socket, Red – Power supply from the aggregate, Green – Power supply from BACK UPS, USBCharger2, 5V, 4A, 2 ports.

There is a possibility of making a device that will be used for redundant power supply (red and green socket) or switch.

About product

All cables of stationary devices remain below the table, creating a neater workspace • Up to twice as many power sockets below the desk • Meant for stationary and mobile devices