SICAM Through Our Eyes: A Glimpse into the Exhibitor Experience

We are thrilled to share our firsthand experience as an exhibitor at the 14th edition of SICAM. The event was held in Pordenone from October 17th to October 20th. Surpassing all expectations, it offered an incredible platform for Digitel to showcase our products. This opportunity allowed us to connect with industry leaders from around the globe.


SICAM stands as a global trade exhibition, emphasizing components, technology products, and accessories for the furniture industry. Held annually at Pordenone Fiera in Pordenone, the event is meticulously organized by ExpoSicam Srl. International exhibitors utilize this platform to unveil their latest products, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative designs. Furthermore, the exhibition serves as a crucial meeting point for manufacturers and suppliers in the furniture industry. Its primary purpose is to highlight the latest trends in the sector and facilitate the establishment of new contacts.

Presenting a diverse array of offerings ranging from paper and decorations to doors, wood, panels, appliances, household devices, veneers, equipment, and materials for upholstery, the fair also includes abrasives, adhesives, paints, fabrics, and leather. This broad spectrum attracts exhibitors from various sectors, each specializing in different facets of furniture manufacturing.

Drawing professionals as its primary attendees, the fair welcomes young entrepreneurs from diverse countries such as North Africa, the ASEAN region, and Central America. Additionally, participants from countries that historically played a pivotal role in the event, including Germany, Northern European countries, and Russia, contribute to the international appeal of the exhibition.

SICAM 2023: Insights and Statistics

The show boasted an impressive turnout, featuring over 650 exhibitors from Italy and 34 foreign countries. This diverse representation highlighted the global reach of the event. Additionally, the energy and enthusiasm at the fair underscored the vibrancy of the components and accessories sector within the furniture industry. As an exhibitor, it was truly gratifying to witness the industry’s strength and dynamism.

Over the four days, we had the opportunity to engage with approximately 20,000 attendees from 112 countries. During this time, the diversity of perspectives and the richness of business discussions underscored the global significance of SICAM. Our booth, strategically situated within the 18,420 m2 exhibition space across ten halls, allowed us to present our innovations and connect with potential partners and clients.

A trade show booth filled with an assortment of products, offering a glimpse into the world of modern technology.

Forging Connections and Shaping Success

One standout feature of SICAM was the quality of business meetings and commercial relationships forged during the event. It was evident that SICAM has firmly established itself as a hub for meaningful connections within the industry. Furthermore, the event served as a platform where valuable professional relationships were cultivated, emphasizing its pivotal role in fostering collaborations and partnerships.

The loyalty of participating companies was palpable. Consequently, the organizers received an increased number of applications for the next edition immediately after the fair’s conclusion. This surge in interest speaks volumes about the event’s effectiveness. It clearly underscores its pivotal role in shaping the direction of the industry. The high level of commitment from participating companies further highlights the value and impact of the event within the business landscape.

Crowded indoor exhibit hall with diverse group of people exploring various displays.

As an exhibitor, the show provided us with a valuable opportunity. Additionally, it allowed us to present our products to professionals from the international furniture supply chain. The concentration of both accessory and component producers alongside furniture manufacturers made SICAM an ideal platform. Furthermore, it served as an excellent opportunity to showcase our offerings to a targeted and relevant audience. This concentration of industry players facilitated meaningful interactions and potential collaborations, enhancing the overall impact of our participation.

The emphasis on design as a cornerstone of “Made in Italy” products was evident throughout the event. Moreover, discussions surrounding design and innovation were particularly insightful. This was especially notable in the context of the new era of artificial intelligence. It was fascinating to observe how designers are playing a crucial role in driving innovation within the furniture industry. The event provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of design, highlighting its intersection with technological advancements.

SICAM's Dedication to Elegance and Business Excellence

The fair’s commitment to creating a conducive and elegant atmosphere was evident in every detail, from the layout of the exhibition halls to the hospitality services. The attention to detail in cafes, bistros, and restaurants contributed to a pleasant overall experience, facilitating meaningful interactions among professionals.

SICAM’s continuous efforts to enhance services, streamline attendance, and create a business-focused environment were commendable. Additionally, from online registration to airport welcome services and free shuttle transportation, the organizers left no stone unturned. This comprehensive approach ensured that exhibitors could concentrate solely on their business. The seamless coordination of services reflected the commitment to providing a conducive and efficient environment for all participants.

In conclusion, our experience at SICAM 14th Edition was nothing short of exceptional. It reinforced our commitment to innovation and provided a valuable platform to connect with industry leaders, paving the way for future collaborations. We look forward to participating in the next edition and witnessing the continued growth and influence of this remarkable event.

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