- twist and plug
  • Digitel IRISø80 is adapted for easy installation in both panel surfaces as well as soft furniture such as armchairs and sofas. Power supply and connection with other interior devices is now even more accessible.
  • The unique design and high level of finish classify this product as a “must have”.
  • By rotating the ring clockwise, the shutter opens, with its leaves concealed under the plastic cover, allowing access to a Schuko socket, a fast USB charger or to any pair of selected communication modules that are housed in the body of the product. Rotating the ring in the opposite direction, the shutter returns to its original position, protecting the modules from unwanted external influences.
  • It can be extremely simply and very securely installed in all types of panel surfaces (wood, wood products, glass, plastic, etc.). The innovative fixators are designed for all panel thicknesses above 9 mm, with no limitations. Prior to its positioning into the opening, the circular fixator, located on the back (underside) of the product, is rotated into the RELEASE position and the device is placed into a ø80 opening (79.5 + 2 mm). By rotating the fixator into the FIX position, the product’s tines firmly grip the inner edge of the panel.

Available modules