Kompakt S

- open and plug
  • Digitel KOMPAKT S is a built-in desk power and data junction box with a high degree of modularity, capable of being equipped with up to 18 modules. The body of the device, located beneath a thoughtfully designed ergonomic aluminium lid, houses power and data sockets in colours and configurations adjusted to customer requirements. With the lid closed, the profile height is less than 1.5 mm above the desk, allowing KOMPAKT S to almost completely blend into its surroundings.
  • The innovation of the upgraded version of this device is that as well as the previous plastic fixators, whose fixing range is limited to a 33 mm desk thickness, with the additional screws that are already integrated into the plastic lid, it can be easily fitted into a desk of virtually unlimited thickness using the hex key included in the standard package. We believe this is yet another feature that makes the product entirely unique on the market.
  • A further advantage of KOMPAKT S is its capacity for a dual-source power supply, as well as its ability to serially connect multiple devices.
  • The desk junction box KOMPAKT S was born out of the need for increased and faster communication and easier connecting. It is designed primarily for offices, conference and meeting rooms, but is used most in hotel rooms.

Available modules