- above and under the desk sockets
  • Digitel KOMPAKT, in a small space, provides the required number of power and data sockets for mobile devices on the upper side and twice as many power sockets for stationary devices on the lower side of the work surface. With the lid closed, the profile height is less than 1.5 mm above the desk, allowing KOMPAKT to almost completely blend into its surroundings.
  • The innovation of the upgraded version of this device is that as well as the previous plastic fixators, whose fixing range is limited to 33 mm, with the additional screws that are already integrated into the plastic lid and using the hex key included in the standard package, it can be easily fitted into a desk with a thickness, limited by the requirement to use sockets on the underside of the desk, of 58 mm. We believe that the method of fixing also helps make this product entirely unique on the market.
  • A further advantage of products from the KOMPAKT family is the capacity for a dual-source power supply, as well as the ability to serially connect multiple devices.
  • KOMPAKT is primarily intended for offices since it provides the required number of power sockets and all the necessary data sockets for mobile devices on the upper side of the desk, as well as additional power sockets under the work surface of the desk for stationary devices such as monitors, desktop and nettop computers, speakers, telephones, routers, printers, etc. KOMPAKT makes a crucial contribution to secure data transfer and the maintenance of order and hygiene in the workspace with the help of a wire mesh cable tray in which all the supply cables are housed, thus keeping them off the floor, out of sight and safe from unwanted human contact and dust.

Available modules