Arranged in the space around us, stationary devices such as screens, TVs, projectors, desktop and nettop computers, printers, telephones, routers, UPSs, splitters, speakers, etc. represent the extended infrastructure of mobile devices for enabling diversity and an increase in the quality level of communication.

However, a multitude of devices brings with it a multitude of cables, which need to be arranged in such way as to be least visible, primarily bearing in mind the ergonomics, which directly enhances work productivity.

Schuko-Wieland cable

Cables are intended for connection of device to the supply. For that reason, they have to be safe and reliable. Besides power cables with appropriate electrical standards harmonized for application in different countries (D, F, UK, USA, CH, DE), you can also find communication cables.


Cable transporter

The main purpose of plastic cable chains called “back bone”, is to conduct cables between the floor to the lower side of the desk. They meet high ergonomic and aesthetic requirements. Three colors are available: White, gray and black.


Monitor arm

Monitor brackets makes monitor more user friendly due to mobility of screen. Side benefit is ergonomic and tidy workplace. Besides different single monitor brackets, we can offer you also multi screen variants.


Cable wire

Cable trays bring the cables below the working desk and thus influence to the order of working place. On the other hand, they make the easy access to remove old or add a new cables.