• Modern life is flourishing in the field of communication. Mobile devices facilitate everyday work and life. The increase in their number has led to a growing demand for accessible power and data sockets. 
  • We create innovative solutions that deliver improvements for mobile devices and facilitate the connection between mobile and stationary devices in offices, hotels, schools, colleges, public and private institutions, everywhere we go and spend time.
  • We are committed to the constant advancement of the design of our products and to finding the optimal solution for an easier and more secure connection through sockets in furniture, easier access to the users, less visible cables and more sockets within easy reach.

Enviroment planning

  • The world we live in is, first and foremost, composed of the connections and relationships that we establish.
  • The quality of life of each of us is directly determined by the quality of our relationship with the environment.
  • The business success of a single individual or company is most closely linked with the ability and skill to maintain and develop communication with the surrounding world.
  • Without communication and mobile devices in particular, modern business is inconceivable; moreover, modern life without them becomes unthinkable. Mobile communication devices are becoming an inseparable part of man’s lifestyle. By no means should this be overlooked when designing a modern working or living space, especially with regard to furniture. In the process of planning a space, mobile devices are invisible since they are not part of the space. They come and go with people. However, whilst in the space, there are some needs that should not be disregarded.
  • The conditions for the smooth maintenance of communication are of paramount importance, not only with regard to business, but also for each of us personally.


The answer to the question of where one can connect is adapted to specific spatial and personal requirements.

Modularity is a property of all of our products, giving our customers the freedom to choose the types of communication modules. This also reduces distribution expenses for our partners and distributors.

Products are adapted to “plug and play” installation.



  • A module refers to a size half that of a power socket, i.e. 22.5 x 45 mm or 26 x 52 mm. The modularity of our junction boxes allows the placement of different power modules (smart charger, Schuko, British, Danish, French, Swiss or American) and various communication modules (RJ45, USB, USB hub, HDMI, VGA, audio 3.5 mm, XLR, display port, etc.).
  • Power modules are required to be factory-fitted in the housing, while with other modules this can be done by the distributor or even customers themselves.

Cable organisation

Arranged in the space around us, stationary devices such as screens, TVs, projectors, desktop and nettop computers, printers, telephones, routers, UPSs, splitters, speakers, etc. represent the extended infrastructure of mobile devices for enabling diversity and an increase in the quality level of communication.

However, a multitude of devices brings with it a multitude of cables, which need to be arranged in such way as to be least visible, primarily bearing in mind the ergonomics, which directly enhances work productivity.